Scanastudio V2.304 have been out for a couple of days now, and I didn’t get the time to properly highlight its top features, like the “Bus View”

As the name implies, Bus View allows you to look at parallel data lines captured with your logic analyzer as a “bus”.

busview3 more

Well, the title says it all. We’ve just released a native version of ScanaStudio for Mac OS X.  As of version 2.303.000 of ScanaStudio, we will be providing full support and updates for the 3 major platforms: Linux, Mac and Windows. Now you can use any of our logic analyzers on your preferred OS. No need for virtual machines or parallel desktops…

You can download the latest release of ScanaStudio on this page: Just pick your OS, and you’re ready to go.

Yesterday at work i did a really cool thing with the new Hex View feature of ScanaStudio, and I though i would share that with our readers! I used ScanaStudio to write a CMOS camera initialization function in minutes instead of hours! more

We are glad to announce our all new addition to ScanaStudio: The Packet view and HEX view. This feature is so useful that we can’t stop using it for our own projects, and we became totally addicted to it! No more having to zoom in, and out and in again and again to look at decoded data bytes. The image below gives you a quick idea of what this is all about:


What you can see in the picture above, is an example CAN bus capture that was done with ScanaPLUS. The decoded CAN bus packets can be visualized in 3 different ways:

  •  (Left) Superposed on the waveform, which can be useful to debug the lowest level of the CAN bus.
  •  (Middle) Packet View, which lists all packets, one after the other, mixing packets from different channels depending on when each packet arrives
  •  (Right) Hex View, allowing you to look at a HEX dump of data being transferred.

The packet view and hex view can be accessed by click on those icons:


Of course, the way the data is presented in the packet view and hex view totally depends on the way the decoder script was written. While most decoder scripts are written by Ikalogic, we allow users to write and customize their own decoder scripts to quickly interpret the data that was captured with our logic analyzers.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature as much as we enjoyed working on it, and we hope it will increase your productivity!


FTDI chip provides really excellent USB chips, that will handle all the USB communication for you with really excellent bandwidth performance. FTDI provide an exhaustive documentation for their cross platform driver. In contrast with the VCP (Virtual Com Port) mode, the D2XX driver allows direct access to the USB device ports in a completely transparent fashion. The Windows drivers are already certified by Windows, so you can just pick your favorite chip from FTDI, and use it in your product without having to worry about time consuming driver development and certification.

All those arguments make FTDI a very good choice if you are willing to launch a cross platform USB based product as we did for ScanaPLUS. However, be warned, there is One Big Problem you will face on Linux platforms. This short post is all about this problem, and the solution we found to overcome it in a nice, transparent and beautiful way. more

Since ScanaStudio V2 is there, you can write your own decoders. Ian (username salts) made use of this feature and wrote two decoders for the following protocols:

 A decoder for the DHT11 bus

 HC-SR04 ultrasonic range finder decoder

We thank him for sharing the source code of those decoders and allowing us to post them in our decoder repository!

You can also automatically download those decoder via ScanaStudio V2, by going to Option > Manage decoders, like in the image below:

Manage decoders in ScanaStudio V2


We just ended the “pre-order” period for our new ScanaPLUS logic analyzers. Time to announce how this period went: ScanaPLUS did very well! We didn’t even expect users to like it so much and so quickly!

During the past 2 years, we worked very hard for this moment, and we hope to continue bringing you the best tools for your electronics workspace!

Just wanted to say a big Thank you to all our customer that trusted us!

ScanaStudio V2

ScanaStudio V2 (V2.300.000 more exactly) is evolving very quickly. A quick look at the release history  page will tell you how often we are adding new features.

Very soon we will be adding a very cool “Decoder Search” feature that will allow you to quickly identify the interesting byte of data. Sometimes a 1 second capture of SPI signals can contain thousands of data words, that’s when this feature will be very handy!

A little later, we will add a new mode, that will also be related to the protocols decoders/interpreters. It will allow you to look at decoded data in a “time stamped table” instead of directly on the graph. Colors and icons here and there should make this feature very user friendly!

More news

We have got many surprises in the pipelines, in other words: New products. We want to broaden our horizon, innovate and more importantly, impress you! Those products will involve LCD screens for some,  Analog switches for others, and even proximity sensors. I know what you think: what a mystery! Sorry, can’t tell you more about that for now (copy cats are always around…). However, if you feel we should trust you and want to take part into our new products development and propose your ideas, don’t hesitate to mail us, we will be very happy to hear from you!