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This H-bridge is easy to build, without any critical components. It is based on the famous and cheap TIP122 and TIP127 power transistors. It have been used on many of our robots and proved to be very versatile and robust. Another major advantage is that it only needs four wires for 12V power supply and direction control. Nevertheless, it allows bidirectional control, breaking and freewheeling.


In this article, I am going to show you how to build a relatively High power H-bridge motor controller (which is the most common way to control DC motors) With cheap TIP transistorsmore

Without getting too close to the mathematical nature of this subject, this tutorial aims to explain what is the meaning of closed loop control, and how to apply it in your projects. As you shall learn in this article, closed loop control offers new possibilities to a project designer, it increases accuracy, shorten response time and dramatically decreases error. more

This is an implementation of the L298 to drive motors and inductive loads up to 4A continuously. Initially the L298 contains two separate channels, each one capable of driving 2A loads. Connecting them in parallel as in the schematic makes a single 4A driver. more