how to handle multiple interrupts

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how to handle multiple interrupts

Postby iza malek » Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:56 am

hi, i'm quite new in this area :) . so really need your comment/idea/help. Currently i'm using PIC16F788A for my mini robot. I need to use LDR and Infra red receiver to detect LED ball and goal post (IR transmitter). I use PORT RB for both sensors. My problem is the program will jump into external INT routine when it detects the ball and run smoothly if no goal post detected (means the Infra red receiver not active). when i activate both sensors, the problem begins. It works well at the beginning (maybe for 3,4 loops) and starts to act crazy after that. :oops: Is it because of my ISR routine or my sensor problem2673

Appreciate your helps. Thank you in advanced.
iza malek
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