please help me in making my sound sensing robot

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please help me in making my sound sensing robot

Postby shaheergreat » Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:00 pm

i want to make a robotic vehicle,which moves by detecting the no.of clap sounds made by the user,as a part of my mini when one clap is heard move to right side, if two go to left and so can anybody please help me by providing the circuit digram and the program needed for the same........
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Re: please help me in making my sound sensing robot

Postby tech_freak » Fri May 08, 2009 5:21 am

respected great

its an awesome effort you have put up to really make this project worthwile. the thing is that first you will have to know what is a robot!. do you know what is a you what are the consequences if you create a robot2673 and if you go on to make a robot (aand that too a SOUND sensing one).Gosh! got nuts!!
well now coming to sound sensing, what kind of sound do you expect the robot to sense2673. is it soo way, i know that..just kidding.
ok lets verify some kind of sounds
1. paratha beating
2. rolling sandwiches2673
3. someone beating you up2673
4. flushing up on the toilet2673
5. or ur stupid *****2673

i know these things make little of a sense to you
so i recommend that you learn paratha beating first. all the very best to you.
may your project live 1 sec at the max.
coming to tthe point i think you must contact a professional rather than making a fool out of you which you actually are.

your friend
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Re: please help me in making my sound sensing robot

Postby ikalogic » Fri May 08, 2009 2:05 pm

Watch it Tech_freak.

This is a respectful forum, not to make fun of eachothers.
True wisdom is knowing what you don't know -- Confucius
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Re: please help me in making my sound sensing robot

Postby wallie » Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:52 pm

Hello, If you need a clap by the hand in order to command a robot, probably you will need a circuit similar to the "clap switch circuit", you clap once, the light will open, you clap twice, the light will close.

For your need, you only need to sense the number pulse ouputed by the clap circuit and make an initial or preliminary specs,

clap 1x : move ot the right
clap 2x : move to the left
clap 3x : move forward
clap 4x : move backward

I own a toy car 10 years ago which is operated by a remote control which product "click" to command the toy car, but a hand clap can used to command it also. What I experienced is that, my toy car is sensitive into another sound other than clap or click, if you shouted into it loudly, it can be triggered.

So I guess, for your need and if you want to be sensitive only into clap, you might included a bandpass filter specific to hand clap frequencies.

Your controlling MCU need to be defined before a firmware can be created. I might able to find some clap switch circuit used in switching light, but I don't have the main circuit body like the control MCU and the motor control, etc.
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