Capture and analyze signals, the easy way.

IKALOGIC builds logic analyzers and portable oscilloscopes that are perfectly adapted to firmware engineers, embedded designers and makers.

SP209 Logic Analyzer and industrial bus decoder

Discover the all new

SP209 series

9-Channels, 200MSPS logic analyzer with embedded 2Gb sampling memory and industrial bus receivers.

Starting from 349€ Excl. Taxes.

Capture logic signals and analyze I2C, SPI, CAN, RS232, 1-Wire, and 30 more protocols.

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Measure analog signals on the fly with

IkaScope WS200

Ultra portable, wireless oscilloscope probe

Starting from 299€ Excl. Taxes.

IkaScope is a new kind of instrument: It's a full featured oscilloscope fitted inside a WiFi connected probe. IkaScope takes no extra space on your desk and follows you everywhere with a 1-week battery life. It connects to your computer, smartphone or tablet to display captured signals.

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Wireless oscilloscope probe

Sofware matters

At Ikalogic, we believe quality software can impact your productivity.

We have designed ScanaStudio software to capture and perform in-depth analysis of logic signals. It works with all our logic analyzers, it's free, it's regularly maintained, and it runs on Windows, Mac or Linux.

With ScanaStudio, smoothly ride through trillions of samples, analyze your protocol and fix your most tenacious bugs! 

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If for some reason you feel like our product is not the right fit for you, just drop us a mail and return it back: We'll reimburse you the full amount including shipping fees.