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ScanaQuad’s mixed mode, in 5 minutes
This quick tutorial shows you how to get the most out of ScanaQuad's logic analyzer's mixed mode operation. In Mixed mode, you can generate and capture logic signals simultaneously.

Trigger on an I2C address with ScanaQuad
This quick tutorial shows you how to configure ScanaQuad logic analyzer to trigger on a specific I2C transaction. Protocol based trigger is one of the unique features of our logic analyzer!

Kinetis, FTM, and complementary combined PWM
This tutorial shows you how to configure Kinetis micro controllers to generate a pair of complementary PWM signals.

ScanaQuad Input / Output configuration
ScanaQuad Logic Analyzer's probes can be configured in many different ways. This allows ScanaQuad to cover a broad range of applications. However, some configuration parameters may be confusing for some users. This tutorial aims to demystify different options and parameters used to configure probes.

Generate signals with ScanaQuad Logic Analyzer in 5 Minutes!
This quick tutorial shows you how to generate logic patterns with ScanaQuad logic analyzer and ScanaStudio software.

Create your own protocol decoder in 5 minutes!
This short but effective tutorial shows you how to get the most out of your Logic Analyzer by creating your own protocol decoder.

The nightmare of electronics parts inventory management!
Ikalogic was created in 2010. We buy electronics components 2 to 3 times per week for prototyping purposes. We also buy a big amount of those in industrial conditioning for PCB assembly. That's a lot of components. By the end of 2015, we had a huge amount of stocked components, and dealing with that stock was a night mare: Each electronics chip or passive component usually cost a few dozen cents: it's not worth spending too much time searching for it, so...

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