Last 3 years...

Some of you may have been following us from the very beginning, 7 years ago. Others may only know us more recently. In this first blog post I'll be trying to explain what I've been through during those years (where I was not communicating that much).

If I had to summarize all this period in one word, it would be: Learning. That's the most significant thing that has been happening to me lately.

Last 3 years were tough, but it's nothing compared to last 6 months, where I've seen my job radically changing. More precisely, about a year ago, I woke up to the conclusion that I was not doing my job, as a CEO. You see, when I created Ikalogic, I was dealing with all the technical details of... EVERYTHING! I think every hardware start-ups founder comes to that conclusion one day or another. At some point, he needs to break with the past, stop trying to control everything, and start trusting his team members. It took me years to build the team I can rely on, and a couple more years to finally see things the way I see them today.

During the first years of Ikalogic, I didn't spend enough time thinking about obvious things like a business strategy. But then, when I started to think "strategy", I discovered this is not something I'm used to do. Dealing with all the possible scenarios, having to find the right balance between trusting solid market data and trusting your gut, is not something you learn at school.  So yes, during all that time I was learning. The fun fact is that I'll be probably saying the same thing 3 years from now!

And don't get me started on all the mistakes I've made. Some of you may have been frustrated by software not being updated or bugs not being fixed, and trust me, I was as frustrated as you, if not more. At some point, i guess I didn't put the right resource in the right direction. But things are not that easy. Even a very small company is a rather big ship to sail, and steering it to another direction is not something you can do as quickly as you'd hope. Trust me. But again: I learnt. I learnt big time.

So what's going on at Ikalogic right now?

I've decided to give more focus on the quality of the products, the software and the whole support system. We're not totally there yet, but we're working on it every day. Please bear with us!

ScanaStudio software - which is used to run all our logic analyzers - went through a disastrous phase, with V2.4. I acknowledge that. That's why we spent 1.5 years rebuilding it from the ground up, and ended up with ScanaStudio V3. This version has brought more stability, more features and, most importantly, a solid base for the upcoming features we want to implement.

As you may have seen, we've also launched IkaScope, which is proving to be a real spearhead. 

I'm pushing as hard as I can to ensure we get a steady stream of software updates for those tools, we've implemented clear roadmaps for all near-future software releases. We've also setup a rather cool bug tracking thing: Now we get all crash-reports in a slack channel directly, and team members can analyze it, comment it and escalate it as issues. In short, we've put many tools in place to help us provide higher quality products.

One thing I've came to understand along the way, is that software is probably the most important part of today's measurement instruments. So even though our software is free, that's probably where most of our time and effort goes.

I'll leave with those final words for this post: I am very grateful for all support I've seen, and very humbled by the trust you've put in us, it means the world to me.

Thank you,

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