TrigBox on the way!

A quick news for the weekend. 

Today we received all the components needed to finalize the production of TrigBox! A little accessory that let your ScanaQuad logic analyzer sync with you oscilloscope (or any other device that has EXT TRIG functionality)

With TrigBox, you can either generate a trigger (TRIG OUT) from your ScanaQuad to make another instrument trigger, or you can make ScanaQuad trigger from another instrument via the TRIG INPUT.

TrigBox use SMA connectors, but will ship with a SMA to BNC adapter (as the one shown in the picture).

As said above, production is now in progress, and we should be able to start shipping in the coming weeks.

A mail will be sent to announce when TrigBox can be ordered, so stay tuned -and make sure you'r subscribed to out mailing list!


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