I know, It has been frustrating for many of you: we switched to 2 different forum systems over the past few years, loosing message database in the process, and ended up removing the forum option all together.

Why did all that happen? Well, in the last 3 years, I've been constantly trying to make our workflow more effective, hoping this would eventually allow us to bring better products, in less time. I was trying to find the perfect mix of online software (internal communication, bookkeeping, support system, etc...). Finding that perfect mix is not a piece of cake, and brings in a huge amount of constraints. Obviously, it took some time, and more importantly, it took some trial and error.

Why did we remove the forums lately?

At some point, down that optimization road, we switched to a Shopify based online store (where those lines are actually hosted). Which is good because we could link sales directly to bookkeeping software and automate many tedious tasks. The downside (there is always one!) is that we couldn't migrate existing forums. So, the plan was to hold until we can ensure that we build (again) an online community for good, using the right tools. We don't want to frustrate you again with any forum interface that would be less than what you'd expect. We don't want to disappoint you, that's all.

What about that new forum?

Well, it's based on muut, and integrates in the actual website, with your existing user accounts. It's the best option I could find that seamlessly integrates with all our ecosystem of online software. For instance, each time a new message is posted, we'll get a slack notification, which is quite cool (we love slack!). You can easily add code blocks, images, or any external files via a link attachment.

I hope to see you starting using this forum to discuss the products, suggest new features and work together around the open source protocol decoders!

Thank you for reading :)

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