Logic Analyzer

ScanaPLUS-x Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzer device

9 Channels Logic analyzer, redesigned to perfection.

9 channels logic analyzer

Why 9 channels Logic Analyzer?

8 channels are only useful if you have a 9 th channel for sync or clock. The 9 th channel can even be used as external clock, but can also be a regular input.

ScanaPLUS just got better with x series

Discover the new features that make ScanaPLUS-x a unique Logic Analyzer

200 MSPS

Compressed and streamed via USB-2 connection – How?


Data integrity guaranteed up to 35MHz – How?


Broad range inputs: CMOS, RS232, CAN… you name it! – More


Better probes, less frustration, Maximum productivity – More

ScanaStudio, repolished.

Our logic analyzer software has been rewritten from the ground up for a seamless user experience.

Natively runs on your favorite machine: Linux, Mac or Windows.

Will be out of beta phase by March 2017.

Logic Analyzer software

ScanaPLUS-x main features

Sampling rate

200 MHz


35 MHz



Input range

± 15V

Differential pairs


Capture time

2000 sec.

More features

- Direct connection do dedicated buses like CAN, LIN, RS232 or RS485

- Inputs protection up to ± 50V

- Triggers on: Rising, Falling, Change, Pulse, programmable sequence, serial protocol

- Allows up to 3 different simultaneous logic thresholds on different channels