Logic Analyzer

ScanaPLUS-x Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzer device

9 Channels Logic analyzer, redesigned to perfection.

9 channels logic analyzer

Why 9 channels Logic Analyzer?

8 channels are only useful if you have a 9 th channel for sync or clock. The 9 th channel can even be used as external clock, but can also be a regular input.

ScanaPLUS just got better with x series

Discover the new features that make ScanaPLUS-x a unique Logic Analyzer

200 MSPS

Compressed and streamed via USB-2 connection – [simple_tooltip content=’ Most electronic signals are composed of bursts and “silences”, ScanaPLUS Logic Analyzer uses this pattern to compress those signals way below the limits of USB-2 bandwidth ‘]How?[/simple_tooltip]


Data integrity guaranteed up to 35MHz – [simple_tooltip content=”ScanaPLUS Logic Analyzer will always try and get the best out of your USB bandwidth. However, if data can’t be transferred fast enough, capture will stop to prevent buffered signals from being corrupted. You may not get the whole requested capture length, but you always see valid signals on screen!”]How?[/simple_tooltip]


Broad range inputs: CMOS, RS232, CAN… you name it! – [simple_tooltip content=”  ScanaPLUS Logic Analyzer can handle ±15 volts single ended signals, or differential signals having a common mode voltage going from -5 to +5 volts. That covers almost any kind of signal used in digital electronics”]More[/simple_tooltip]


Better probes, less frustration, Maximum productivity – [simple_tooltip content=”ScanaPLUS gripper probes are custom made, for a frustration free operation even after years of of usage.”]More[/simple_tooltip]

ScanaStudio, repolished.

Our logic analyzer software has been rewritten from the ground up for a seamless user experience.

Natively runs on your favorite machine: Linux, Mac or Windows.

Logic Analyzer software

ScanaPLUS-x main features

Sampling rate

200 MHz


35 MHz



Input range

± 15V

Differential pairs


Capture time

2000 sec.

More features

- Direct connection do dedicated buses like CAN, LIN, RS232 or RS485

- Inputs protection up to ± 50V

- Triggers on: Rising, Falling, Change, Pulse, programmable sequence, serial protocol

- Allows up to 3 different simultaneous logic thresholds on different channels