Migrating from MCU to FPGA

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Are you coming from the world of micro controllers, arduinos and raspberry pi? Are you willing to harvest the huge potential and power of FPGAs?

I have been there, moving from good-old sequential programming to the Hardware Description Language used by FPGAs. It's sometimes complicated to change the way you think about programming, especially if you've been coding for years. That's why I decided to write this guide, where I explain what I wish I would have read from day 0 to save a lot of time and frustration.

This free e-book will cover the following aspects, in an intense, yet educational fashion:
* A micro-controller programmer's view on FPGAs
* Understanding the main differences between MCU and FPGA
* Anatomy of a simple FPGA design
* Setting up Xilinx tools
* Creating your first "Hello World" project
* Provoking your first timing errors, and solving them.

The past knowledge of micro controllers makes the transition to FPGA a more complicated task. This eBook tackles exactly this pain point!

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About Ikalogic

Ikalogic is a French company focused on the ergonomics of test and measurement instruments. Ikalogic allows you to concentrate on your creativity by taking frustration away from the debugging and diagnostic process. With a strong engineering background, Ikalogic is able to provide ground breaking solutions in the test and measurement industry. In 2017 Q3, Ikalogic introduced IkaScope , a wireless oscilloscope probe that will surprise you by its simplicity and performance.

IkaScope will display measured signals on any connected screen like a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or desktop computer. Being battery operated, IkaScope is galvanically isolated from the mains.  

Ikalogic is also providing logic analyzers (ScanaQuad series) that are perfectly adapted to the debugging and diagnostic of serial protocols like I2C, SPI, RS232, CAN, 1-Wire, etc. Intuitive ScanaStudio software runs on all major platforms (Win/Mac/Linux) and lets you perform in depth analysis on captured logic signals. With ScanaStudio, you can even modify existing protocol decoders or write your own proprietary decoder.

Ikalogic is actively working on new software updates as well as new products, so check the website often!


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Download MCU to FPGA eBook

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