It depends on how often you use IkaScope. We estimate a 1 week battery life with daily regular use.

IkaScope has a 420mAh battery, and uses our patented ProbeClick technology to save battery life: All power-consuming circuitry is only turned ON when the probe tip is pressed.

IkaScope has no powerswitch. To turn it ON, simply start measuring. IkaScope will detect the pressure on probe tip and turn ON automatically. Similarly, it will automatically switch to different power saving modes when the probe tip is released.

Of course.IkaScope works on Desktop computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as on mobile devices like Tablets or Smartphone.

The short answer is Yes, you can.

IkaScope works with Wifi. As long as your computer is connected (via ethernet) to the same network as wifi access point, you'll be able to use IkaScope with your ethernet-wired desktop computer.

As a matter of fact, that the infrastructure of most networks.

Absolutely. IkaScope software has a share button on the top left of the screen. Simply click on it and follow intructions to share a screenshot of your measure.

Like any measurement device, IkaScope needs two connections to a circuit to perform measurements. IkaScope ships with a standard ground clip allowing you to connect to the common point of your circuit.

Wifi had many advantages that bluetooth couldn't offer:

  • Wifi is fast - it allow a refresh rate of 250 FPS in real time
  • Wifi works on Laptops, DeskTops, smartphone and tablets. Bluetooth does not have such a coverage. Most laptops and desktops do not have Bluetooth connection.

USB is only used to recharge IkaScope, no data transfer can be made in any way by USB. As a matter of fact, the USB connection is isolated, so you don't have to worry about ground loops, even when recharging IkaScope

IkaScope can trigger on Rising edge, Falling edge, or Any edge. Hold-off can be configured from 5 us to 1 s.
More info about the trigger in the knowledge base.

Yes we do, and it's more intuitive than ever! Simply press the "Auto set button" in IkaScope application, then, whenever you're ready to setup IkaScope for a particular signal, simply press ProbeClick tip and wait until IkaScope parameters are correctly set. A spinning wheel lets you know when autoset is still in progress.

IkaScope is as sensitive to water as your regular, non-waterproof smartphone. It will sustain few rain droplets, but should not be used under heavy rain or any kind of water projections.

Right now, mathematical operations are not implemented, simply because with only one channel, mathematics don't make much sense. In the near future we're planning to add FFT support.