Logic Analyzer Software

An intuitive software for your Logic Analyzer that is designed to run smoothly on any platform and perform advanced analysis.

You can download the latest version of ScanaStudio for your preferred OS via the buttons below. Files are hosted on a separate ultra-fast server for your convenience.

Get to know ScanaStudio

ScanaStudio is a free-to-download software, used to interface with all Ikalogic Logic Analyzer devices. ScanaStudio provides many top-notch features, like protocol decoding, advanced triggering, measurements or annotation.

All features are carefully laid out so that it does not distract you from your main focus: captured signals.

Advanced features let you edit captured signals, build signals from scratch to generate them, or write your own protocol decoder script.


Tens of supported protocols, updated regularly

All protocols are open source. You can take a look at our GitHub repository to check the full list of supported protocols.

Supported protocol list includes, but not limited to:

USART, SPI, I2C, I2S, CAN, LIN, 1-WIRE, JTAG, USB, SENT, DMX512, SWI, HDMI-CEC, Modbus, Manchester,...

Protocols are automatically imported in ScanaStudio when an internet connection is available.

Need help using ScanaStudio ?

ScanaStudio seamlessly works with any recent Logic Analyzer made by Ikalogic. Namely, that's any logic analyzer that came after the Scanalogic-2.

ScanaStudio setup package (for Windows) comes with a driver installer. That driver is shared by all Ikalogic's logic analyzers.
Linux and Mac OSx do need separate device drivers.

Absolutely. You can save your ScanaStudio workspace as a *.scana file. This file can be easily shared like any other file and will contain all system configuration related to that capture (like sampling rate, trigger setup, etc.)

Yes, ScanaStudio software as well as public decoders and scripts are and will always be free.

Currently, JavaScript based extensions let you add new features (decoders, trigger sequences or signal generator templates), perfectly adapted to your needs. If you don't know how to code (or don't want to), we can do it for you - just drop us a message.

You may also suggest a new feature to be implemented in the core of ScanaStudio, we take your remarks very seriously and will do our best to address them accordingly. However, please understand that this sometimes interferes with other demands as well as our own roadmap and vision for the software.