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SP209 Logic Analyzer

9 channels logic analyzer, 200MSPS, USB streaming combined with embedded 2Gb DDR3 memory.

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SP209i Logic Analyzer can analyzer UART, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, I2S, TWI, RS232, CAN, LIN, RS485 and much more

Top-notch features, no compromises

9 logic channels with adjustable thresholds.
200 MHz sampling rate - all channels used.
Embedded industrial receivers (RS232, CAN, etc).
External clock option (state mode).
Precise trigger In and Out.
Samples compression and streaming via USB.
2Gb DDR-3 memory kicks-in when USB isn't fast enough.
Guaranteed performances on all hosts.

Why 9 channels, and other frequent questions


Unlike many USB logic analyzers that limit the number of channels that can be used simultaneously at maximum frequency, SP series logic analyzers are design to operate at maximum sampling rate on all channels.

Logic signals can often be transferred over higher voltage signaling (like RS232 or LIN) or differential signaling (like CAN or RS485). SP's industrial input port allows direct connection to those industrial buses, thanks to dedicated embedded receivers, specifically designed for each one of the supported buses. The exhaustive list is:

  1. RS232
  2. RS485
  3. CAN
  4. LIN

9 channels is perfect if you need to capture an 8 bit parallel bus, since you need a clock or strobe signal for the data lines to make any sense. Additionally, the 9th channel can be used as external clock source (Up to 50MHz), allowing the device to operate in state mode.

While micro-grabber probes are handy for logic signals on a printed circuit board, screw terminals are more adapted to industrial and automotive buses. They are also more robust given the environment where those buses are used.

SP Logic Analyzers combine the best of two worlds: Streaming into host's virtually infinite memory, and a fast 2Gb embedded DDR-3 memory. What this means, is that you can stream minutes (or hours) long captures to your computer, while not worrying about USB bandwidth limitation. The embedded memory will store and forward the samples via USB, ensuring a minimal sampling depth, irrespective of your host computer USB bandwidth and performances.