TrigBox - SQTB01
TrigBox - SQTB01 TrigBox - SQTB01 TrigBox - SQTB01 TrigBox - SQTB01 TrigBox - SQTB01 TrigBox - SQTB01
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TrigBox: Sync your ScanaQuad with your favorite instrument!

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TrigBox is an accessory for ScanaQuad logic analyzers that lets you easily connect and synchronize your logic analyzer to your favorite instrument that has an external trigger input or output: Oscilloscopes, Desktop Multimeters, Waveform generators, etc.

TrigBox connects in series between your computer and your ScanaQuad, and exposes two SMA female connectors for trigger in and out. An SMA to BNC connector is also provided for your convenience.

Once TrigBox is connected, any trigger event will automatically appear on the TRIG OUT line. Also, you can inject a trigger pulse on TRIG IN line, and setup ScanaQuad to trigger on that event. 

This greatly extends the possibilities of ScanaQuad and allows you to make much more sophisticated measurements.

TrigBox ships with all you need to get up and running:

  • The special USB cable that connects ScanaQuad to TrigBox
  • Two SMA female connectors for TRIG IN and TRIG OUT
  • An SMA to BNC adaptor in case you wish to use BNC cables.

For more in depth specifications, like input impedance, trigger propagation delay and operating conditions, please check the datasheet.