About Ikalogic

Ikalogic is French company (although its team members are coming from many places in the world!), with one main vision: Making the world’s most user friendly electronics test & measurement instruments. We as a company believe that there should never be a compromise between the ergonomics and the performance of an instrument. We strive to continue adding new features to our instruments while keeping user interface accessible to beginners as well as to the professionals.

Meet the team

Meet those who do not sleep at night until your instruments are working properly.

Ibrahim Kamal Founder & CEO

Ibrahim Kamal

Founder & CEO

Ibrahim created Ikalogic in 2010 to live his dream of building the instruments he'd love to use. Ibrahim have been passionate about programming and electronics ever since he touched a computer keyboard in the 1990's

Morgane Gouault Manufacturing

Morgane Gouault


Morgane's role is mainly to ensure Logic Analyzers and Oscilloscopes are manufactured and tested according to our strandards

Nicolas Bastit Software / firmware

Nicolas Bastit

Software / firmware

Nicolas is focused on ScanaStudio software, he's as tallended as software developper as he is a user interface designer

Vladislav Kosinov Software / firmware

Vladislav Kosinov

Software / firmware

Vlad is an expert when it comes to firmware developpement linux systems