Oscilloscope just got reinvented. Discover a new way of measuring, at the office or on the field.

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Electronic Engineers working with logic analyzers, signal generator. Serial communication packets are displayed and analyzed on ScanaStudio software

SQ and SP Logic Analyzers

Capture, Analyze and Generate logic signals with carefully engineered tools

Debug hardware and firmware

With Ikalogic's comprehensive set of tools and software

SP series: High performance oriented Logic Analyzer

Stream several hours of bus traffic to your computer, and overcome USB bottleneck with a 2Gb embedded memory.

With 9 highly configurable channels and 200 Million samples per second, you're ready to tackle both parallel and serial communication protocols.

ScanaQuad (SQ): A unique Logic Analyzer & Signal generator.

4 Channels are enough to observe serial protocols like I2C, USART, SPI, 1-Wire, RS485, and most serial communication protocols.

With ScanaQuad's 200 MHz sampling rate, and its versatile trigger system, you can quickly debug your firmware!

Scanaquad logic analyzer and signal generator is a 4 channel logic analyzer that lets you capture and playback logic patterns. Perfect for serial protocols like UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, I2S, JTAG, USB

IkaScope: Not just a wireless oscilloscope probe.

Forget overcrowded oscilloscope interfaces. Say hello to modernity.

With a solid 30 MHz bandwidth and 80 Vpp input range, IkaScope will follow you everywhere!

Wireless oscilloscope probe. Portable and fits in your pocket. Wifi based.

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