IkaScope WS200: Portable and wireless oscilloscope

portable oscilloscope connect to ipad tabletEngineer using IkaScope wireless oscilloscopeWireless oscilloscope probe

IkaScope is a new kind of instrument: It's a full featured oscilloscope fitted inside a WiFi connected probe. IkaScope takes no extra space on your desk and follows you everywhere with a 1-week battery life. It connects to your computer, smartphone or tablet to display captured signals.

With 200MHz sampling rate, 30MHz bandwidth and 80VPP input range, IkaScope is perfectly adapted for quick diagnostic of electronic systems.

Typical applications

IkaScope is designed for engineers working on embedded systems. Firmware engineers will find IkaScope particularly easy to use and it will help them diagnosing hardware and firmware operation. Being ultra-portable makes IkaScope perfectly adapted for onsite maintenance operation. Typical application include, but are not limited to:

  • Embedded systems
  • Onsite industrial maintenance
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace & defense industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Education and research


  • Get quick reliable measurements, within a few seconds of using the product.
  • Battery operation provides galvanic isolation from the mains.
  • Software running on desktop, laptop or mobile devices makes it easy to store and share measurements.
  • Patented ProbeClick (R) technology automatically holds captured signals when probe tip is released.
  • Software provides automatic history that keeps track of all measurements in a session.

IkaScope: Portable & ergonomic handheld oscilloscope