Ultra portable, ultra ergonomic handheld oscilloscope.

Let's forget about cluttered oscilloscope interface, okay?

Say hello to a new way of doing quick, easy measurements,
with a software interface you'll love. Literally.

IkaScope is a new kind of instrument.

It's a full featured oscilloscope fitted inside a wifi connected probe.

IkaScope takes no extra space on your desk and follows you everywhere with a 1-week battery life.

handheld oscilloscope

Ergonomics matters

IkaScope is an ultra-portable oscilloscope probe.
It fits perfectly in your hand and works with a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

ProbeClick ®

Thanks to ProbeClick®, IkaScope knows when to measure and when to hold.
Forget that old run/stop button!

From desktop to smartphone, we've got you covered.

Handheld Oscilloscope for Windows
Portable Oscilloscope for Linux
Wireless Oscilloscope for Mac and iOS
Handheld Oscilloscope for android smartphones

Download IkaScope App for your favorite platform

We advise you to download and test the application on your favorite platform to ensure your system is compatible. Also, please read the datasheet for minimum system requirements.

WiFi, simply.

IkaScope transfers measured signals over high speed wifi connection. It will remember your home and office access points and connect to them instantly.

No local network? No problem, IkaScope will create one on the go.

Robust & Reliable analog front end

200 MSa/S

Sampling rate

30 MHz


80 Vpp

Input range



4000 pts


200 FPS

Max. refresh rate

Get your IkaScope handheld oscilloscope

You have 180 days to change your mind and return it!

359€ (Taxes included)- 299€ (Taxes excluded*)
Free worldwide shipping

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What's in the box?

  • IkaScope handheld oscilloscope device, factory calibrated
  • Ground clip
  • Micro-USB recharging cable

It can't get any easier

Unlike classic oscilloscopes, IkaScope App is designed to be intuitive.

Automatic History lets you recall any past measurement. Sharing your fantastic work is only a few clicks away.

Galvanic Isolation
A small detail that makes a big difference.
Even when USB charger is plugged, IkaScope is isolated from earth.

Isolated oscilloscope probe

Safe measures for your equipment and for your IkaScope.


Simple yet effective solution to an old problem.

It'll detect when to start measuring and when to hold measurements on screen. It'll also work hand in hand with Automatic History to make sure you never miss that rare event again!


What's the battery life?

And other frequently asked questions

It depends on how often you use IkaScope. We estimate a 1 week battery life with daily regular use.

IkaScope has a 420mAh battery, and uses our patented ProbeClick technology to save battery life: All power-consuming circuitry is only turned ON when the probe tip is pressed.

IkaScope has no power switch. To turn it ON, simply start measuring. IkaScope will detect the pressure on probe tip and turn ON automatically. Similarly, it will automatically switch to different power saving modes when the probe tip is released.

Of course. IkaScope works on Desktop computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

The short answer is Yes, you can.

IkaScope works with Wifi. As long as your computer is connected (via ethernet) to the same network as the wifi access point, you'll be able to use IkaScope with your ethernet-wired desktop computer.

As a matter of fact, that's the infrastructure of most office and home networks, and that's how we use IkaScope at Ikalogic!

Absolutely. IkaScope software has a share button on the top left of the screen. Simply click on it and follow instructions to share a screenshot of your measurement.

Like any measurement device, IkaScope needs two connections to a circuit to perform measurements. IkaScope ships with a standard ground clip allowing you to connect to the common point of your circuit.

Wifi has many advantages that bluetooth couldn't offer:

  • Wifi is fast - it allows a refresh rate of 250 FPS in real time
  • Wifi works on laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth does not have such a coverage. Most laptops and desktops do not have Bluetooth connection.

USB is only used to recharge IkaScope, no data transfer can be made in any way by USB. As a matter of fact, the USB connection is isolated, so you don't have to worry about ground loops, even when recharging IkaScope