SP209 Logic Analyzer

9 channel 200 MSPS logic analyzer & protocol decoder

Download ScanaStudio

SP209 relies on ScanaStudio software to configure the logic analyzer device, to setup the trigger, to capture logic signals and to analyze multiple protocols. ScanaStudio software is free and is available for all major platforms (Windows / Mac / Linux).

Click on one of the links below to download ScanaStudio for your favorite OS.

Windows 7, 8 and 10

Download ScanaStudio 4.0.18


Download ScanaStudio 4.0.18

MACOS 10.9 and later

Download ScanaStudio 4.0.18

Release notes

Showing only latest 10 releases

V 4.0.18


  • fixed bug : Wrong timestamp when Export as CSV.

V 4.0.17

Critical Bug-fix

  • fixed bug : Crashes using filter in view.
  • fixed bug : Crashes using Export as CSV.

V 4.0.16

Bug-fix New feature

  • Added animation when jumping to a marker
  • Fixed bug : vertical scrollbar for log is not always visible
  • Added notifications to view button when new datas are available
  • Fixed bug : improved Live mode last transition drawing
  • Fixed bug : incomplet datas when copy/past measures of timeblock
  • Increased decoder script speed

V 4.0.15

Critical Bug-fix

  • Fixed bug: Eratic decoding error in live streaming mode.
  • Fixed bug: Broken SQ device menu

V 4.0.14


  • Fixed bug : crash when capturing signals with SP209

V 4.0.13

Critical Bug-fix New feature

  • Improved search function for Packet view, Hex View and Raw View
  • Fixed bug : Atom can't open script file with space in their name
  • Fixed bug : script_builder doesn't work
  • Optimized decoder script speed
  • Added new decoder script API for synchronous decoding
  • Fixed issue with the driver included in the setup package
  • Fixed bug : device info pops two times
  • Fixed bug : underscore are not visibles in logview
  • Improved refresh of signals when new decoder items are added.
  • Fixed bug : uncaptured state of logic signals are not saved.
  • Fixed bug : SQ Workspace uses too much processor time.

V 4.0.12


  • fixed bug : Wrong sampling time when launching a capture from a saved workspace

V 4.0.11


  • Fixed bug : downloaded existing script is saved as a new script
  • Fixed bug : wrong versioning for script
  • Fixed bug : in Hexview, copy doesn't work

V 4.0.10

Critical Bug-fix

  • Fixed bug : glitches when zooming during overlay editing
  • Fixed bug : ScanaPLUS device crashes when deconnected during configuration
  • Improved highlight on signals
  • Fixed bug : ScanaStudio is unable to be launched until config.ini is reset

V 4.0.9


  • Fixed a bug that caused SQ devices to stop functionning properly after user abort (stop button pressed).
  • Fixed a bug that caused application to freeze when closing an SQ workspace.
  • Fixed a bug about empty protocol wizard that cause a crash.