IkaScope: Wireless oscilloscope probe.

specifications of wireless oscilloscope probe with ground clip

Ergonomics matters.

IkaScope is a wireless oscilloscope probe designed to fit perfectly in your hand and intelligently interact with you. The probe tip will sense when to measure and when to hold - no more pushing the run/stop button.

Robust and reliable analog front end

Measuring signals with IkaScope is quick, easy and intuitive.

Sampling rate

200 MSPS


25 MHz


4000 pts

Input range

± 40V



Refresh rate

200 FPS*

* FPS: Frames Per Second. Actual value may slightly change depending on the quality of your Wifi network.

Wifi, simply.

IkaScope transfers measured signals over high speed wifi connection. It will remember your home and office access points and connect to them instantly.
No local network? No problems, IkaScope will create one on the go.
IkaScope is carefully engineered to prevent Wifi from affecting measurements.
wireless oscilloscope with wifi connection to smartphone

We've got it all covered!

iPhone or Android, Smartphone or Tablet, Desktop or Laptop, IkaScope just works the way you expect.
wireless oscilloscope software on iphone, ipad, android, windows and linux
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